About Rachel

Rachel Shaw Ashton’s work comprises two figurative forms, the ecstatic and the static.


Rachel is interested in the state of the human heart and explores these two contrasting emotions through her work. Firstly euphoria, that ever illusive and fleeting feeling we in the western world are constantly chasing but rarely feel, and secondly resignation, the feeling of stillness and clarity, a coming-to-terms with whatever may have gone before.

Her inspiration comes “when something is seen but the remnants of the image remain with you.”



Rachel has been represented by Jaggedart Gallery in Marylebone, London since 2009 where she participates in exhibitions throughout each year. From the gallery in London her works are sold to many international collections.

She also exhibits in Barcelona and Ibiza.

Each year Rachel donates works to several large charities including Key for Life, The Lyric Theatre and Art for Cure.


Rachel spends her time working between London and Suffolk.

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